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We have seen a drastic change in the field of technology for architects. Gone are the days when the only tools architects have is pencils and paper. We all know how effective the tech-gadgets are for the architects. In today’s technology era, architects must have to use the latest tech gadgets to improve their work and become more creative in the field. Here, we have compiled a list of the best tech gadgets for Architecture Students. The following list contains the highly recommended gadgets which can be used by architects for a variety of purposes in their field. Let’s check them out! 

Best Tech Gadgets for Architecture Students 

Smart Pen 

Smart Pen is not an ordinary pen. This pen converts everything you write on a paper into digital format. You can view things on your other smart devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. You can draw layouts and prepare drawings easily with this pen. The best thing about this pen is you can quickly share your drawings and layouts with others. 

Smart Pens look exactly same as ordinary pens in terms of their design and size, but it records everything on the digital medium and keeps backup of everything over the cloud. It’s a must-have tool for the architects. 

Powerful Laptop 

Laptop is yet another essential tech-gadget every architect must use in their field. Not all laptops and computer systems are designed for architects as they are not compatible to run the premium-end drawing software that are used by the architects. 

Make sure you choose the best laptop for architecture on the market to work on different projects. Architecting requires premium-end software and for that reason, the laptop or PC you choose must be able to run all the premium-end software for easy drawing. 

Wireless Flash Drives 

We all use flash drives to store and share data between the two different systems and smart devices. Now, we have specialized Wireless Flash Drives. The Wireless Flash Drives provide quick, convenient and simple data sharing medium between the two devices. It works with the USB compatible devices such as Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc. 

Pocket Projectors 

Pocket Projectors is a tiny projector that fits in your pocket. Pocket Projector is designed with the advanced technology with which a user can project quality images on a big screen. It comes with different connectivity features with built-in connecting ports. It comes with USB port, HDMI port and a microSD card slot. 

Pocket sized projector is a must-have device for the architects to project things on a big viewing screen during the meetings or to show off the drawing and the layout of the building to the workers etc. 

VR Glasses 

Virtual Reality is slowly gaining popularity in this particular field. VR Glasses enables you to have a realistic view of the layouts and drawings that they have prepared on the digital medium. The VR Glasses are highly used by the professionals for a variety of purposes. 

VR Glasses comes with essential connectivity features allowing users to connect it with power computers and other smart devices. It provides a full 3D viewing experience that makes you feel like exploring the real world. 

The Virtual Reality has become the mainstream technology in the field of gaming where most new games are now compatible with VR Glasses and other components to experience the best of realistic gaming on the virtual platform. 

Mesh Wi-Fi 

No matter how powerful Wi-Fi Router you use, it doesn’t give you superior connectivity to all of your devices especially when you use multiple devices from different rooms across the office or home. 

To run multiple tech devices, they must be connected wirelessly. An ordinary Wi-Fi router doesn’t work well when you must cover a large area. To do so, your home-network must have to be equipped with a Wi-Fi Mesh. Check this list for the best mesh WiFi systems from the trusted brands and manufacturers. Unlike the standard Wi-Fi router, the Mesh Wi-Fi features multiple router that repeats the same signals to expand the range of connectivity. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Noise Cancelling Headphones offer an immersive listening experience even if you are crowded with people or machines. You can listen to the most important things from the smart devices and gadgets or can talk with the workers and clients without any external interruptions. 

External noise is very distracting while an architect design something for his client. So, the noise cancelling headphones is a must-have tech gadget for architect to work peacefully with zero distraction. 

Solar Papers 

Solar Papers is nothing but standard A4 paper size solar panels that can fit into the size of a book. The aim behind keeping this panels with you is to keep your tech gadgets recharged so that they won’t experience power outages. 

It comes with a direct USB recharging port. You can recharge any USB compatible device with this solar paper while on the go. It can recharge smartphones, tablets, laptops and other USB enabled devices with a simple data cable. 

3D Printer 

You might have seen a small structure of the building in the offices. Gone are the days when architects must have to spend hundreds of days to design and build a 3D model of the building or the structure. 

With a reliable 3D Printer, you can easily print out the 3D structure of your design or layout from the smart devices. You just need to connect the 3D printer to your Computer system to do so. It takes only a few minutes to build a 3D structure of the design. Time is precious for architects and they don’t want to waste it to build 3D models, with 3D Printers, they can finish this task quickly and can modify it as many times as they want. 

Laser Measure 

Traditional Metal Tapes are still everyone’s favorite tool to measure something. The reason behind this is most people are not aware about the powerful and easy-to-use measuring tool called laser measure. 

A laser measure works with the laser light and its reflection. The digital screen will display the actual measurement of the object etc. You can use this tool to measure width, height and length etc. The advanced laser measure provides accurate measurements. 



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