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5 Ways To Improve WiFi Signal Strength At Your Home

Wifi strength

WiFi or Wireless Fidelity, is one of the finest innovations in wireless technology. Internet at home cannot be imagined without WiFi anymore. With cheap data plans, and practical implications of internet in our lives, Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our home and office. Almost all of us, have Wi-Fi internet connection at home and work place. Due to the complex structure of the house, WiFi signal often gets attenuated and the strength of the signal reduces. But it is not feasible to subscribe to multiple Wi-Fi connections. Hence, it is reasonable to adopt certain methods to improve the Wi-Fi Signal Strength in your home. First, use an app to determine the WiFi signal strength. Then you can check out how to improve WiFi signal strength.

1. Switch To An Advanced Router like 802.11ac Router

First, you have to check what routers you are using. If you are using a Wireless G or Wireless N routers like 802.11g or 802.11n, then it is time for you to move on to a more advanced router. AC Wireless router is presently, the best router on can own. Right now, you may feel it is too advanced for your devices, but with the fast pacing change in the sphere of electronics gadgets and internet, it is not far, that you will need to upgrade your Wi-Fi router. Hence, adapting to a better and advanced router is very much necessary for your own benefit. There are several other router types that you can opt for. For example, you may try out tri-band routers, 4×4, 802.11ad, or MU-MIMO routers, IFTTT compatible routers, etc. You can upgrade your router to AC1200 or AC1750 router.

2. WiFi Adapter Is A Good Solution

A second alternative to a brand new WiFi router is a WiFi adapter 802.11ac. You can connect the adapter to a laptop’s USB port. There are some limitations on this type of adapter. The adapters are a bit bulky and appear like an unnecessary weight gain for your laptop. But their utility is beyond expectation. Wifi adapters leverage your WiFi speed and if you have a 802.11ac router already and you just want to speed up your old laptop, then the adapter will work wonder.

3. Create A WiFi Mesh

WiFi mesh has always proved to be a fruitful alternative for users suffering poor WiFi signal. If you cannot get access to your WiFi network from all your places of your house, then you can try adding more access points, adding ethernet cables around your house and boost the primary router’s signal, add more wires so that that signal is strong enough to be accessed from any part of your house or one simple solution-adding WiFi mesh. Wifi mesh increases the coverage of signal across your house, but consumes some speed on its way. Mesh can set up very easily and can be operated using smartphone apps. An efficient WiFi mesh system has a dedicated backhaul that their access points use to communicate with each other. The overall WiFi mesh system is a great way to increase WiFi coverage across your home.

4. Use A Less Crowded Wireless Channel

As we know, almost all of us have WiFi connections at home, if your home is surrounded by many other houses, then there is a high probability, that your WiFi signal is marred due to interference with other signals. With more number of houses, the clutter increases manifold times. So, the best solution to beat this is to use a less crowded wireless channel. Usually routers are smart enough to pick the best channel for your connection, but sometimes, you can manually alter it, if you find it to be useful. You can use utility apps like WiFi Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Netspot to check the comparative performance of your WiFi in relation to others. You can then switch channels accordingly.

5. Try to find a central position to place your router

Usually, we tend to place our desktop to a place where we have our desktop or where we usually use our laptops. But then, we complain that signal strength is poor in the rest of the house. This is the gravest mistake we commit. We must always try to place our WiFi router in a central position in the house, so that the signal radiates uniformly and equally at all points in the house.

These are are 5 simple ways you can use to boost your poor WiFi signal strength in your house.


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