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Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts

Here a list of different Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts have been described. Using these keyboard shortcuts you can perform different tasks much quicker in your Windows 8.

Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts

Some useful Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts

Windows key: Switch between the Start screen and the last-running Metro app.

Windows + C : Displays the “Charms”: the Settings, Devices, Share and Search options

Windows + D : Launches the desktop

Windows + E : Launches Explorer

Windows + F : Opens the File Search pane

Windows + H : Opens the Share pane

Windows + I : Opens Settings

Windows + K : Opens the Devices pane

Windows + L : Locks your PC

Windows+ M : Minimizes the current Explorer or Internet Explorer window (works in the full-screen Metro IE, too)

Windows + O : Toggles device orientation lock on and off

Windows + P : Switch your display to a second display or projector

Win + Q : Open the App Search pane

Windows + R : Opens the Run box

Windows + U : Opens the Ease of Access Centre

Windows + V : Cycle through toasts (notifications)

Windows + W : Search your system settings (type POWER for links to all power-related options, say)

Windows + X : Displays a text menu of useful Windows tools and applets

Windows + Z : Displays the right-click context menu when in a full-screen Metro app

Windows and + : Launch Magnifier and zoom in

Windows and – : Zoom out

Windows and , : Aero peek at the desktop

Windows + Enter : Launch Narrator

Windows + PgUp : Move the current Metro screen to the left-hand monitor

Windows + PgDn : Move the current Metro screen to the right-hand monitor

Windows + PrtSc : Capture the current screen and save it to your Pictures folder

Windows + Tab : Switch between running Metro apps

F1: Help

CTRL + ESC: Open Start menu

ALT + TAB: Switch between open programs

ALT + F4: Quit program

SHIFT + DELETE: Delete item permanently

Windows Logo + L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE)

Press SHIFT five times: Toggles StickyKeys on and off

Press down and hold the right SHIFT key for eight seconds: Toggles FilterKeys on and off

Press down and hold the NUM LOCK key for five seconds: Toggles ToggleKeys on and off

Left ALT + left SHIFT + NUM LOCK: Toggles MouseKeys on and off

Left ALT + left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN: Toggles high contrast on and off


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