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Take a File is a new web application that enables users to transfer files directly via web browsers without downloading the file to immediate server. You can send multiple files Read more »

Microsoft has released several Windows Update Builds in the past couple of months and more or less users have faced issues while installing the new update. If you also have Read more »

Windows can restrict users from opening certain websites, or apps or software if it has Administrative rights. Windows Admin can filter the amount of freedom a user should have and Read more »

What every Browser knows about you?

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What every browser knows about you is actually the name of a web browser which tells us the information that has been collected from us by the web browser. We Read more »

There are times when you want to open certain Windows 10 Universal Apps, but the apps don’t open and display the following message “This app can’t open”. It happens when Read more »

Samsung is looking forward to selling off its PC business to Lenovo. Despite that it has been manufacturing some of the finest devices. The latest Windows 10 laptop made by Read more »

While using Windows 10, you must have noticed that there are certain processes that needs to have Administrative rights to operate. For e.g. Command prompt. If you want to use Read more »

Windows 10 Build 14901 has introduced a feature which is testing out new notifications within File Explorer. It aims to find out new ways of educating you on features in Read more »

Device Guard properties in Windows 10 are a combination of hardware and software settings that together forms a security system to guard your device from running any app other than Read more »

Windows operating system uses indexing while searching in order to provide faster and smoother search results. The search index can be customized by users based on file types, extensions, properties, Read more »