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Screenshots are important and often required by users for different purposes. If you a novice techie and want to capture screenshots for writing How to articles like we do, then Read more »

Technically, it is not possible to make Cortana use your Default browser in fetching its search results. Microsoft has been very particular about it, and allows only Microsoft Edge Browser Read more »

lockscreen capture

Windows 10 has introduced the Windows Spotlight feature that enhances the appearance and beauty of Windows 10 lock screen. Windows Spotlight has given a new definition to desktop lock screen Read more »

Strong security is one great feature in Windows 10. The operating system has incorporated several methods of security and authentication. These are alphanumeric, PIN, and picture passwords. There is another Read more »

How To Get New Artwork For Your Desktop Wallpaper Daily in Windows 10

Windows 10 has several high definition wallpapers from where users can choose. Wallpapers are not rare features but finding an HD wallpaper is a difficult task. Windows 10 has a Read more »

Gmail is a vast emailing experience and hence the mail client is rich in features. Gmail has incorporated a plethora of features to classify and manage your emails. There are Read more »

When an operating system boots, it notifies you with a short tune. Windows operating system is no exception. The music is not at all disturbing but if it suddenly plays Read more »

The month of February is here and you must be aware that this month is the month of Love. We have marked so many days to celebrate love and the Read more »

Mozilla Firefox has added a new method for introducing colored title bars in Windows 10. Previously there was no such colored title bar for Firefox in Windows 10. Many developers Read more »

lockscreen capture

Windows have several methods of capturing screenshots. Windows 10 has a Snipping Tool that lets you capture screenshots along with the conventional PrtSc button but all these can work on Read more »