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How to enable DMA in windows 8?

Generally, DMA (Direct Memory Access) is enabled by default in Windows 8. This tutorial will lead you to check/enable DMA in Windows 8 Pro.

What is DMA?

DMA stands for Direct Memory Access. The name explains itself.

DMA illustration

Data transfer is handled by the CPU (Central Processing Unit). When you are transferring a chunk of data/files from a peripheral to computer or a hard drive to another, then interference by CPU each time will increase the data transfer time in much extent. Here DMA comes handy. It frees the CPU from the charge of data transfer and take on its own. After one time confirmation by CPU, the DMA controller takes charge and initiates the data transfer. As the CPU is free from its data transfer work, so it can now do other works and thus improve the overall computer performance.

Procedure to check/enable DMA:

Step 1. Right click on My Computer icon and click on Manage.

click on manage

Step 2. Click on Device Manager.

click on device manager

Step 3. Now expand IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and right click on ATA Channel 0 and select properties.

check IDE channel properties

Step 4. In the Advanced Settings tab, check the checkbox Enable DMA and click OK.

Enable DMA


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I have HP Presario CQ56 and am using Windows 8. I am trying to enable DMA. When I open Device manager and follow through to expand IDE DATA/ATAPI Controllers it does not show any channels. Any ideas.

Do u have any version of Intel Application Accelerator installed in your system? i.e., Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Uninstall it and all the channels should appear. Let me know have u fixed it or not?

All I can see in Advice Manager under Processors is Intel Celeron

No no.. go to “Uninstall Program” menu and search that any version of Intel Application Accelerator (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) is installed or not. You can upload a screenshot of your installed program and post your link. Probably uninstalling a program can solve this issue. But for this I need to know which programs are currently installed in ur system!!

There is nothing in Uninstall a Programme showing Intel Application Accelerator. Just showing my normal programmes. I don’t know how to upload a copy of my programmes

Please do these jobs, what I am mentionind in comment below…

1. Your HP CQ56 should not have any Intel Application Accelaration or Rapid Storage installed by default. So, make sure if you have installed these applications then remove them.

2. Refresh or Reset your Windows 8 PC so that it can recover missing drivers.
see the REFRESH and RESET part of this article

3. You can take screenshot of “Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features” window.. so that I can see which programs are installed.
Capture Screenshots directly in Windows 8.

I have followed the above steps. How do I show you the screen shot.

You may mail me the screenshots ( or can upload them in Photobucket of Flickr and post here the links.

I have emailed the screenshot of the programmes installed.

Replied your mail!!

I do not have any other programmes on my system. Carried out Refresh PC. However it is the DVD drive that is slow. Why can I not enable DMA as described above.

Ok.. I got ur problem..

According to ur screenshots..there are no such programs installed, that can create this problem. So, the situation is very clear.
You need to check the (Basic Input Output System) BIOS settings, if you have the IDE controller is enabled.
And I am sure it is disabled. So, u r getting this problem.

Please tell me how to enable IDE controller in BIOS settings.

I have now got sorted out. Thanks for that.

You are welcome.. Please keep visiting this site and don’t forget to send your feedback…