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How to See What User a Process is Running As in Windows 10?

In Windows operating system, there is a feature called Run as different user. Run as different user enables a user to run .bat, .cmd, .exe, .msc, and .msi files with Read more »

How to Disable Lock screen in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has really beautiful vibrant lockscreen that gets updated with amazing images. You can provide feedback if you like of dislike a picture and Microsoft adapts to your choice Read more »

How to Disable Login Password in Windows 10?

Windows 10 enables users to login to their devices using their Microsoft Live Account login credentials. Administrative account always needs Microsoft Live ID whereas local users can create their individual Read more »

How to Automatically Sign in to User Account at Startup in Windows 10?

The following tutorial will help you learn how to turn on or off, automatically sign in to user account at Startup in Windows 10. By default this feature is turned Read more »

Enable or Disable User Accounts in Windows 10

Windows allows multiple user accounts to be used. One user account is the administrator accounts, while other accounts are local, domain, account with admin rights etc. These user accounts actually Read more »

How to solve 'Click here to enter your most recent credential' error in Windows 10?

Sometimes, while using Windows 10, you may get the message “Click here to enter your most recent credential” for a number of times. This type of message appears if you Read more »

How to revert back an Administrator account to Standard user account in Windows 10?

Windows operating system enables you create several types of accounts like Standard User account, Administrator account, Child account etc. Windows 10 now requires users to use their Microsoft account to Read more »

How to Add Contacts from Gmail, Outlook, and More to Windows 10 Address Book?

Nowadays we have multiple email accounts for work, personal purposes and so on. Most of the email clients of same company allows synchronization of different email IDs in an easy Read more »

How to View Full Details of All User Accounts in Windows 10?

The following tutorial will help you to get entire details of all the user accounts logged in your computer. The steps are very simple. When you type the commands in Read more »

How to Change a Standard User Account to an Administrator Account in Windows 10?

With Windows 10, you can create two types of accounts, a standard account and an Administrator Account. The Administrator account will enjoy the Administrator rights but your main account will Read more »