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How To Get New Artwork For Your Desktop Wallpaper Daily in Windows 10

Windows 10 has several high definition wallpapers from where users can choose. Wallpapers are not rare features but finding an HD wallpaper is a difficult task. Windows 10 has a Read more »

When an operating system boots, it notifies you with a short tune. Windows operating system is no exception. The music is not at all disturbing but if it suddenly plays Read more »

Mozilla Firefox has added a new method for introducing colored title bars in Windows 10. Previously there was no such colored title bar for Firefox in Windows 10. Many developers Read more »

How To Reset The System Volume On Startup in Windows?

While using PC, we fidget with the system volume buttons and change the volume settings. Now, the problem is that if the volume setting is changed, then it becomes difficult Read more »

Windows Spotlight is a beautiful addition to Windows 10 that adds stunning lock screen images to Windows 10. These images are saved in local disk as temporary image files. You Read more »

Windows 10 has incorporated a feature called Fast Start. The feature shuts down the computer in a jiffy with a beautiful tune that ensures you the power off of the Read more »

Mobile or computer operating system comes with some dedicated apps for many social media or media streaming websites which are self content and full of utility features. Dedicated Apps for Read more »

PC and mobile phone screen backlight plays a vital role in affecting our eyes. The blue color, usually present in the backlight, tends to stimulate our brain to such an Read more »

Microsoft pays $10,000 after an auto Windows update ruined a user's machine

Here is a A Detailed Look at Windows 10 Creators Update (RS2) Changelog: Windows 10 Build 10.0.14901 Changelog: Build 14901 was the 1st Insider Preview build of Windows 10 released Read more »

The Start Menu of Windows 10 is very interesting. It’s divided into two segments. One is the conventional Start Menu whereas the other one is the modern version. The modern Read more »