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Before we leap directly to the main subject, let us make you aware of the term “Jailbreak”. Many iphone users have been using it lately but still most of our Read more »

No, Excel is not only for accountants and mathematicians. Because you view it as spreadsheet software only you’re missing out on its many handy functions. That pesky task you hate Read more »

Wi-Fi is always the mischievous being that can play with your signal strength. This is a test of your patience when the Wi-Fi signal suddenly goes down to a single Read more »

The death of Professor Stephen Hawking marks the end of a glorious era. The globally acclaimed renowned physicist was not only of the greatest scientists of all time, but he Read more »

Software developers are working hard to create innovative and faster software with technologies like ASP tuning, but somehow you don’t have the privilege of speed on your PC. If your Read more »

Handy Recovery is a free file recovery software application that can recover files deleted accidentally from a computer. The software has a new version which is now known as the Read more »

Whenever there is a new Build in Windows 10, a bug accompanies it. There is a new Build that has come up with the latest Windows 10 Build. The error Read more »

Whenever you upgrade your device, you might encounter problems with certain functionalities. One of the most common problems after upgrading to Windows 10 has been the functioning of Bluetooth. For Read more »

Cyclonis Password Manager application organizes your passwords and saves into a particular file on your computer or on your cloud account. We know the hazards of remembering passwords of so Read more »

Are you tired of your membrane keyboard and want something… different? Entering the world of mechanical keyboards is complicated. There are dozens of models, the give and take of different Read more »