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Holographic Windows 8.1 applications announced

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holographic windows 8.1 app

Have you ever seen anyone using computer applications as 3D objects? In movies,right? Many Sci-Fi movies such as Iron Man etc have shown us floating applications. We can interact and Read more »

Volume Licensees to get Windows 8.1

Microsoft had announced earlier to deliver the released to manufacturing, i.e., RTM Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 bits ahead of the official launch date to MSDN and TechNet Read more »

Picture Password in Windows 8 can be cracked easily

The new feature that came up in Windows 8 where users can use images and touchscreen gesture combination to create a password for accessing the device found loopholes in it. Read more »

Microsoft dropped flicker and facebook photo integration

When Windows 8 and Windows Phone had been launched, the Microsoft Development Team was very much eager to show that the apps built on both the system for viewing photos Read more »

Clover adds browser-like tabs

Clover has totally taken the feel of Google Chrome by providing tabs to Windows Explorer in a very effective manner. As a matter of fact, everyone should use this software Read more »


It was some time ago we heard a news that an implementation was done on the Unofficial Nike+ Fuelband app for windows phone 8. But now the app is live Read more »

Windows Phone 8 network speed test

After windows 8, windows phone 8 Microsoft on the quest to develop more and more apps, did many app fests and events, itself launched many apps too like Blink app Read more »

CoPilot GPS

office 2013 free in windows 8.1 tab

Microsoft, the world’s largest software producing company after producing the large sized display tablets is now trying to improvise on the smaller sized tablets. Tablets smaller than 8 inch are Read more »

Windows button back

After a great deal of research, Microsoft has come up with the improvements to be made in its upcoming OS i.e Windows 8.1. Microsoft has already announced the improvements that Read more »